After Sex Care

So I really like y’all, so let me be transparent....

There was one time ... I went back to an old friend, yes I know hit the back of my hand and NECK. I was doing pretty good 😩😩 going on two months but Temptation won that battle. Anyways- back to the topic at hand- I was just so happy, stuck, my body was hella worked out & sore that I didn’t do ANY after sex care. I literally just laid there, happy as hell 🙃 cuddled up with him. I’m sure he caught me weirdly smiling at him 😂.

Anyway, like two days later I had some weird discharge. It didn’t stink, burn, or itch, it wasn’t a lot, and it didn’t look like cottage cheese. Still I like to check in the mirror every other day so I noticed it looked funny and I know my vagina well. I figured it’s just build up, because I did use a condom, didn’t clean my self right after or urinate. So today I did me a whole Pink Vulva Spa Day A Yoni Steam, a Yoni Bath & a Yoni Mask! My baby (vagina) is in much better shape now

So this message is to tell you ladies to ALWAYS ALWAYS clean, urinate, wash up after sex. I honestly suggest to take a bath or at the very least, a shower... Vaginal hygiene should be BEFORE AND AFTER sex every time. You can eliminate so many problems before they even arrive!!!! 💞💞💞

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